The OneAccount is designed to offer students faster refunds and increased money management choices to fit their budget and busy lifestyle - but that doesn't mean it has to cost a fortune to use. In fact, there's no monthly service fee for students or customers with $100 or more in direct deposit. Otherwise, the monthly service fee is $3.95. It's easy to steer clear of fees and use the account for free. Just follow these simple rules:

  • Give yourself a little credit!
    Just remember, the key word is "credit" not "debit" when using your Higher OneCard to make purchases at checkout. Simply "Swipe & Sign" when you make Debit MasterCard® purchases (i.e. swipe your card and sign the receipt) and you won't be charged a PIN Based transaction fee. Sound easy? That's because it is!
  • Knowing is half the battle!
    At least it is when it comes to paying your bills. When you set up automatic recurring Debit MasterCard® payments, you'll know when your bills are being paid and the amount coming out of your account. It's the smart way to avoid getting caught by surprise. You'll make life easier, avoid Insufficient Funds Fees and save money on checks and postage.
  • Not all ATMs are created equal
    Although you can use your Higher OneCard to get cash at any ATM, stick to Higher One ATMs to stay fee-free. Or, better yet, use free Online Bill Pay as an alternative to withdrawing large amounts of cash for rent or bills. It's safer, easier and more secure.
  • Check your statement online for peace-of-mind and go mobile!
    Avoid Insufficient Funds Fees by checking your OneAccount available balance online. You'll know where you stand because statements are updated in real-time; and rest easy knowing there's enough money to cover any purchases or cash withdrawals you make. Rather use your cell phone? Sign up for free Mobile Alerts to get an account balance anytime, receive refund status alerts and be notified when your balance drops below an amount you specify.

As with most bank accounts, there are some services offered by Higher One that do carry fees. It's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with these by reviewing our Fee Schedules.